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Kind words are like sweet honey – Creative Ways to Connect Kids with God’s Word

I so did not have the courage to brave church by myself on Sunday! Jared was out of town and I was just trying to make it through the weekend… Any other mommas ever been there?  It was early afternoon most of us still in pjs but I wanted to still spend some fun time in the word and make an impact in their hearts. Last week I had found this verse as I was pinning and the words…

“Kind words are like sweet honey to the soul and healthy for the body” Proverbs 16:24

We started by clearing the birthday message off the chalk board (from MONTHS ago… and don’t get too excited about the little decorations… yep… also from a January birthday!) And I wrote the verse on the board and Rhi happily retraced it a few times!

2016-04-24 Heuvel Creative Devotions- Kori and Jared Photography-404pintopinterest( a shameless plug for our favorite local honey – Urban Delights   And our very favorite is Orange Blossom)

2016-04-24 Heuvel Creative Devotions- Kori and Jared Photography-409pintopinterestI picked out all things we had in the house… and plated them on four plates for the kids… We had blueberries, bread, apples, a clean cookie, and a few animal crackers with a scoop of honey… I surprised the kids with the plates and we talked through the verse… read it a few times…

2016-04-24 Heuvel Creative Devotions- Kori and Jared Photography-432pintopinterest2016-04-24 Heuvel Creative Devotions- Kori and Jared Photography-435pintopinterest2016-04-24 Heuvel Creative Devotions- Kori and Jared Photography-442pintopinterest

We talked it through…

What does honey taste like? (yes I let them taste test it!)

What are kind words?

How do kind words make us feel?

We talked about loving the sweetness of honey… and how honey makes all sorts of things (foods in our experiment) better… how it makes you want more!

Then we talked about salt… and we tasted it! Talked a little bit about how harsh words can spoil all sorts of things and so fast just like salt…

After that we practiced kind words… took a moment to each say something sweet about each other… everyone got a turn and it was fun!

2016-04-24 Heuvel Creative Devotions- Kori and Jared Photography-463pintopinterest2016-04-24 Heuvel Creative Devotions- Kori and Jared Photography-475pintopinterest2016-04-24 Heuvel Creative Devotions- Kori and Jared Photography-483pintopinterestI couldn’t let them have all of the fun! My favorite recipe for clean yummy cookies! And I’m a little nerdy so I did have a plan of what to talk about but if your inspired by a whole lotta spontaneity… I say wing it!2016-04-24 Heuvel Creative Devotions- Kori and Jared Photography-479pintopinterestAnd this last one is a psa for all of you mommas out there! This is about connection… NOT PERFECTION! So go into it with the mindset it will be mess… like really messy! I let kids dip food in honey for goodness sakes… see the picture! There will be some clean up… The good news is that kids shower off… tables wipe up and clothes can be cleaned…so live it up…

And reality check… I also had a 5 year old who wasn’t so thrilled I tried to “talk” before he could eat it all… THAT’s ok!  He got the point… the point that God’s word is sweet and that we took some time out of our day to connect… to be with each other… to bring sweetness to the souls of each other with kind words… and dare I say by the end of it they all had fun! So have fun… try something new!

2016-04-24 Heuvel Creative Devotions- Kori and Jared Photography-461pintopinterest

If you have any other fun and creative ideas on things to do with your kids to soak in God’s word… we would LOVE to hear them! Leave them in the comments or email them to us!

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