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Those sweet baby toes… Remembering those baby days and celebrating their stories!

Most of the time I love it when Facebook reminds me of those memories from years ago! Last week this photo of our Little Keag’s toes popped! I resaved it and was just in awe of this photo… 

Even as a photographer I’m always amazed at how seeing a photo just takes you back… You can see it and be gripped with that same emotion… And smells… And feelings…

I got teary because it brought me back to the feeling of being captured by this sweet boy and gripped with fear at the same time. When we brought him home we were labeled as a foster placement (wholeheartedly hoping to adopt) so we truly had no clue at the time what that future looked like. When we brought him home we brought him home knowing we would love on him with everything we had for as long as we could have the joy of being with him!!! I remember taking these photos for him… So he would have these treasures of baby photos of himself… But taking them not know if I would be the one lucky enough to be his forever momma. So, there was this mixture of overwhelming love, fear and faith all jumbled up.

Fast forward to last week when this picture popped up… I saw it and cried happy tears. As time moved… As his case progressed we gained the sweetest blessing of being forever family. And here we sit almost two years since his finalization and seeing this photo fills me with those feelings.

I sat at the top of our stairs and showed Keags the photo of his tiny toes… “Mine tiNy toes” and in his three year old language we started talking about him as a baby and the day we brought him from the Nicu and how beautiful this itty bitty premie baby was… “Mommy’s baby?” He asked? “My baby forever and ever and ever” I told him as he sat on my lap inside my hug holding my phone entrenched in his baby photo. Made me thankful for every moment we have had with him! Thankful for the photos we do have to connect him to his story… And so humbly thankful that I have the gift of his snuggles… And the honor of being his momma! pintopinterest 

I think our stories are so powerful! They connect us to who we are… Connect is to those that love us… And I think for our kiddos especially those who come from hard places celebrating their age appropriate story is sooo good! Celebrating what connects us and celebrating the uniqueness of that story is so huge. So dust of those picture books (I typed and erased scrapbooks because if you’re anything like me… Only my first kid has scrapbooks… The second kid has shutterfly photo books… And the younger kids have photos organized on hard drives… And I will call it a win that there is documentation of our adventures and the kids are all still alive… Any other mommas feel me? Ha! 😜)

Or scroll though those photos on your phone or iPad and relive those moments and feelings of when you first held your baby in your arms! Share that with them! Remind them of how treasured they are!!!

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