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Hurry up and wait…

Previously shared on our photography blog on July 19, 2012…
I asked Jared this week if it’s still possible to totally be nesting even if we are adopting??? I have been cleaning out all sorts of odd places. Don’t get me wrong we still have lots of places that need some attention but I have been going through every corner of our home! This week has been a huge week of milestones for us in bringing our sweet baby home.


We have been working on the last few things that we have needed to do on our end. The last major thing was to PUT GRASS IN!!! Yay!!! Jared & my pops worked hard on the 4th of July to put all 6 pallets of sod in. We met with our county licensing social worker this week and she signed off on our foster license. As of Wednesday it is official that we are licensed Foster Care Parents… This whole thing is becoming REAL!
This process is seriously a humbling process… through each part of this process there is a different mental battle to prepare for. We also met with our Liliput Adoption Social worker and talked over the final details on our home study. She started to prepare us for the final timeline and mentioned that her goal is to present our home study to the Children’s social workers by July 24th… She also said that it could take months for a match but that we should be prepared for it to take weeks. We very well could get “the call” as early as August 2nd. She made mention that there “may” potentially be a few cases that could be a possible match for us and that’s when Reality set in…
Our baby may already be waiting for us…
We were talking with our sweet social worker and she was asking us about being ready… and what our near future schedules look like. Adoption is so much different in preparation… With our biological kids there was a road map and a plan for pregnancy… With adoption there is an order of events… but NO timeline. You prepare without totally knowing what you are preparing for. You plan without totally knowing what you are planning for! So, we commit our hearts to the Lord, we daily surrender our home to his will, we dedicate our plans to him and trust each day that God will prepare his perfect story for our little family.
I struggle.
I struggle with the thought that our child is just out there… waiting…
The momma inside me has a hard time thinking about our baby and their unmet basic needs, need for saftey, and a whole lotta love.
It literally grieves my heart. It aches.
The Reality of Foster – Adoption
We took 10 classes of pride training to become foster parents. I rarely made it through a class without being a blubbery mess… our instructors worked hard to prepare us with real stories of foster children … Most  stories were stories of things that no child should ever have to endure. This process is hard because in order for our family to have the blessing of adding this little one… Our little one will have had to have suffered some incredible loss. They will have already endured such a sadness. The loss of their birth parents, the loss of the events that led them to the foster care system, and the loss of their little life they knew. Through this loss our family is made full. Our family will be blessed… We pray for swiftness in whatever the situation may be… so that our little one can be covered in love and healing may begin as we grow as a family through this.
Prayer Requests:
*Pray for wisdom for all of our social workers as they work on matching us with our little one.
*Pray for wisdom for us and that we would know with certainty which placement is right for our family
*Pray for our transition as a family!!!
*Pray that we would be equipped to meet the emotional and physical needs of our new little one
April 13th, 2016
If you are in the waiting part of the process… we would love to pray for your family and support you through this ! Reach out… leave us a comment so we can pray you through this!
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