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Loving a little Lemonade! Creative ways to raise funds for adoption…

Previously posted on our Photography Blog 6/22/12-

Welp… We are so stinking close to being officially licensed for our foster adoption… but we now need to actually have grass in our backyard and a few small other things… and we need it quick. It was kinda funny because our sweet social worker said our back yard needed to be “inviting” and I made the joke that when you get 5 kids, two shovels, one hose and lots of mud the kids come running but I guess the pictures below just weren’t the right kind of “inviting” So here’s what we did…

Screen shot 2016-04-04 at 12.59.39 AMpintopinterest

Written 2016/04/04

We captured mini sessions with this cute lemonade stand decorated by the talented Emily Van Unen… but it was perfect because we were able to offer mini sessions and put every dollar into taking care of the things that our licensing social worker asked us to finish up before we were officially licensed! It seems so amazing to me to see so many families come up with such creative ways to raise funds to grow their families through adoption! Every type of adoption requires different financial investments… and We would love to feature your story… or non-profit! What creative ways did you find to help your family invest in your adoption? We can’t wait to hear your ways! Comment below!!!


(Photo Credit: Kori & Jared Photography)

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